The tree ages

“Objects are (...) alarm clocks of memory” (Mellado, 1999), all the elements gathered: the light, the Miñardi fabric made by my Asturian grandmother immigrant in Argentina, the drawings that preserve the mark of that woman, and the sound that covers a lullaby that my mother sang to me. This work links three generations in the present time: grandmother, mother and daughter, in a deep link that is only possible in the emotional or imaginary field. It makes available a private universe, which becomes public, to identify with the privacy of the viewer. The fabric supports the role of women involved in domestic and artisan work. On the other hand, the lullaby “Duerme negrito” is a popular and anonymous melody, as overwhelming as it is committed to social reality. Remember that: “There is no dialectical image without critical memory work” (Didi Huberman, 1997)

Asturias, 2019.