Useful Objects – Symbolic Capital

Usefull Objects - Symbolic Capital

It is a project that arose with the reciprocal pact with Jesus Gallego, a cobbler of the neighborhood where I lived in Madrid, after his confession about this impossibility: he is not allowed to teach his knowledge nowadays. I offered him a piece of Art in exchange for learning his trade and I appropriated some portions of his space and time, inherent in his daily routine. Through drawings, documents, vestiges, objects and with the simple formal appearance of some oil paintings, which cite the language of Pop Art, I translated this personalized experience. The central idea that gave coherence to the entire project was to protect and celebrate the work through the Art. The sound of a sewing machine and the letter to my grandmother, recover a past time in which perhaps, I recorded in my mind a desire: that the speed by the power does not destroy the human capacity.

Madrid, 2016.